One-stop Comprehensive Health Care

Theme of our central:
Our service philosophy is "Friendly health care for your body and soul". Through the cutting-edge imaging technology and customized health consultation, we help you understand your own health condition comprehensively and provide a prospective project under the radiation free environment.
Under this theme, we have three principles

1.Health check-up is a human-oriented service, not just a business. We ensure our specialist provide immediate and customized consultation according to your requests on-site. Our consultation aims to reduce unnecessary worries as much as possible, and provides you with a definite proposal including follow-up arrangements, and specialist referral.

2. Adhering to radiation-free policy in our health check-up programs, we use MRI and ultrasound as our screening modalities. We never let you expose to unnecessary radiation.(remark)

3. Not just to provide sheets of reports, we aim to provide you with a consolidate solution to a healthier life through the trustworthy relationship between the consultant and the customer. Our specialists value customers highly and spend sufficient time to understand the genuine needs of the customers. If the result is normal, we are happy for them. If follow-up or treatment is recommended after the examination, we will immediately consult the corresponding experts and establish a green channel to the professional care by reducing the unnecessary image copying, scheduling, and repeated examinations.

Why choose us?

The customer told us that our center is their favorite because "Taiwan Health –tech Imaging Center” not only has the most advanced imaging modalities and professional medical teams, but also most importantly, they really concern my health." Taiwan Health –tech Imaging Center will always keep our promise” Because we care, you can feel relaxed and secure!”